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Deaf or Hearing Impaired and want to work?

Let NOVA's team of trained job seeking specialists help you get a job you'll enjoy.

For nearly 10 years our Employment Consultants have been helping Deaf and hearing impaired jobseekers find the jobs - hundreds of people across Sydney have used our services - you'll find their testimonials and videos throughout this website.

What sort of jobs will we find for you?
Whatever job you choose. NOVA's staff have found jobs for thousands of job seekers in just about every type of work you can think of. The most important thing for us is to find you a good job you want to do, and then help you with any interpreting issues - we are skilled at ensuring you can quickly settle in and we do our utmost to make sure you are happy with your new job.

How long will it take before we find you a job?
It depends on you. We take as long as you need. It can also depend on where you live and what you want to do. On average, it takes about 6 months from the time you register with us, but the shortest time was only 2 hours.

At NOVA, we make sure we get to know you. We will talk with you about your job choices, history, hobbies, interests, abilities, support needs, cultural needs or anything else you want to tell us about you.

If you need a hand with preparing for interviews etc we will help you with things like: what to say at interviews, what your employer's expectations are, and lots more.

How much will you get paid?
NOVA staff will look for a quality employment outcome that pays award or award based agreement (AWA) wages and gives you a valued role within your work place.

That means your job will:
  • Pay you the same money as everyone else who does the same job
  • Have the same conditions as every other worker
  • Work where your job meets health and safety standards
  • Help you feel part of the team

  • How much help will you get when you start work?
    That depends on how much you need. However, our staff are experienced in supporting Deaf and hearing impaired workers and they will tailor their support to meet your needs

    What if you lose your job?
    If you lose your job, and we hope you don't - it might be because the job didn't suit you. If so, we'll try to get you a better one straight away. Sometimes, you might lose your job because the business closes, or moves, or is sold - if so, we'll try to get you another job straight away.

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    Hiring a person with a disability can bring benefits for your business - Being prepared to hire a person who is Deaf or Hearing Impaired opens your business to a pool of talented workers, keen to grow with you.

    Deaf & Hearing Impaired People:
    If you want to find satisfying employment of your choice and would like some assistance with finding a job, interpreting or any other aspect of your career development, let NOVA's team of trained job seeking specialists help you.
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