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Corporate and Social Responsibility
There's a lot of talk around about corporate and social responsibility - included in this talk is the suggestion that business, particularly larger businesses, have some measure of social responsibility within their local communities to employ people who have a disability.

Bad news! - Most of the talk is nonsense. Big business didn't get to be big by offering charity. Big business got big by making sensible decisions and employing people that made their organisations money. 'Dollar out - dollar in' is no good. Employers need a dollar out and two dollars in if they are to compete - that's common sense.

Good news! - Working with NOVA Employment makes sound business sense. Our Consultants can show you how you can get employees that meet your needs and bring the dollars in.

Don't fuss about corporate responsibility. Make money, and give us a go at helping.

A sound business decision
NOVA Employment's Deaf & Hearing Impaired team work with... (Surprise)... People who are Deaf. Deaf employees are demonstrably effective employees. Scattered around this website you'll find videos and testimonies from employers who, with our help, have been able to tap into the skills and ability within the Deaf community.

NOVA has been assisting the Deaf for almost 10 years and we have helped hundreds of employers and workers build great working relationships.

Our services to you are free.
The workers we'll offer you are motivated and skilled

Our results speak to the value Deaf and Hearing Impaired workers offer businesses just like yours.

We'd love the opportunity to discuss how we could develop a partnership with you that allows your business to enjoy the benefits that come from working together.

Discerning people don't worry about the dis in disAbility. They hire people that do the job.

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Hiring a person with a disability can bring benefits for your business - Being prepared to hire a person who is Deaf or Hearing Impaired opens your business to a pool of talented workers, keen to grow with you.

Deaf & Hearing Impaired People:
If you want to find satisfying employment of your choice and would like some assistance with finding a job, interpreting or any other aspect of your career development, let NOVA's team of trained job seeking specialists help you.
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